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Caution: This post will increase the amount of disappointment in your life.

I just got an email from a publisher in the states. It's the sort of email every writer wants to receive, but very, very few do. No, I haven't sold a novel, dammit.

Paraphrased, it went like this:

I made a mistake! Please ignore yesterday's rejection letter, I sent it to the wrong address. I'd love to buy your story!

So the next time you get that rejection letter that hits you in the pit of the stomach, I've now given you a gleam of hope. Or I've reduced you to a dribbly ex-girlfriend that stares at a silent phone and tells herself that the boy is going to call back and say he didn't mean it.

Bwa haha!

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So... David Hicks gets released from prison. You know, the guy who's either a rocket launcher toting enemy combatant, or a harmless cardigan wearing dupe (depending which side of our unbiased media you listen to).

We finally get to see him without the "let's choose the photo that tells the story we want" factor, and...

Is it just me, or has the US mistakenly held Brad "Grima Wormtongue" Dourif captive for the last six years?

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Cats as cats can

I'm a cat person.
I've met a lot of people who hate cats. They make smirking comments about killing cats in all sorts of cruel ways, they claim that cats aren't loyal to owners the way dogs are, etc etc.

Now for some actual facts.

Place yourself in Ulong, NSW, in the mid 1970's: a town of about 200 people, depending how much of the bush you count. It backs onto the Dorrigo National Park, is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and is prime marijuana growing country. Also good for cattle farming, but I guess my family was in the minority.
A small red-headed child sits on the lawn, playing with a toy train set. His right hand rests on the ground. Beside it, he notices, is a female funnel web spider. It rears up in order to strike, forelegs reaching at the air. The child is frozen, going nowhere.
An orange and white blur streaks across the child's lap. The spider is thrown across the grass. It bares its fangs against the cat, fang versus claw, but is soon outmatched and eaten.

Years before, my brother toddled out along our path to the backyard toilet. Spying a stick on the path, he bent down to pick it up. It quickly entered his young child's mind that sticks do not usually have black scales and a red belly. The snake, however, did not strike him. It was caught in the hypnotic gaze of our previous cat, some meters away.

We had 17 dogs while I was growing up, and I loved them a lot, but none of them saved my life. RIP, Jinx and Spitty.

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Which Heroes Hero are You?
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Matt Parkman
Claire Bennett
Nikki Sanders
Isaac Mendez
Nathan Petrelli
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Hmmm, Petey boy always HAS been the one I related to most. But great hair? Sure, I used to have cool red hair down past my shoulders, but now I have more of a Jean Luc 'do...

Stop press!

Whoa, I just found out that Intel stopped making the 386 chip last month! What on earth will we do without it?
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Lessons my sons taught me last night

My two year old son taught me that a matchbox car can make a fairly effective eating utensil.

My four year old son taught me that the altitude afforded by a top bunk vastly increases the range of projectile vomit.

(not to be outdone) my four week old son taught me that a newborn baby lying on his back can fountain milk clear over the 20cm wall of a bassinet.

The last two happened at 1am at either end of the house, like duelling banjos. I guess my four year old is becoming a leader.
In my already sleep-deprived daze, as I stripped beds and scrubbed at carpet, one mystery kept floating through my mind: But he refuses to eat carrots.

The room is spinning, my eyes are burning, and it's Monday. Still, as every parent knows, you don't start feeling REAL fatigue until about the four month mark...
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Let the history books show that Jonathan Flynn Cavanagh commenced participation in life on earth at 5:29pm yesterday. His mum is fine, his brothers love him to bits, and his dad is kinda fond of him too.

So far he's proved his uniqueness by sleeping through his first night (which, of course, scared the living daylights out of his mum). We have some initial optimism that he may be a quieter third child.