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Well, I've done it again. Turned my back on the blogsphere to get something from the cupboard, and when I turn back a couple of months have passed.

Since I last posted, I:

-Was accepted into the year's best 'dark fiction omnibus', Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror 2007 by Brimstone Press.
-Sold two drabbles to Farthing magazine.
-Was accepted into ZineWest, the antho of the 2007 HomeWord writers festival (I'll be reading my zine piece, "World of Hurt" at the Parramatta Riverside Theatres event on Sunday, 10th June).
-Made it into ASIM's Best of Fantasy antho- with my first ever published story, "Elf Esteem".

I also:
-Got a much better job closer to home with a raise, and hired a good friend (he was one of my groomsmen) to work with me.
-Got my kids hooked onto Superman, Batman and Star Wars.
-Rearranged the loungeroom.

So for now, life's all good.

And you?
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